How to make a PDF from Elementor form with Dynamicooo

Create a pdf with Elementor Form and Dynamicooo plugin. How to make a PDF from a form with WordPress, Elementor and Dynamicooo ✨ Plugins:Elementor Free: PRO: ooo: SVG EDITOR:

How to Make Columns Clickable With Elementor

A quick tutorial on how to make columns clickable with Elementor without extra plugins. We will use some simple CSS code that you can find below. CUSTOM CODE: CSS CLASS: CUSTOM CSS: ✨ Plugins:Elementor Free: PRO:

How to make a Media Website like Pinterest with WordPress, Elementor and Dynamicooo

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a website similar to Pinterest with WordPress, Elementor, Dynamic plugin and User Submitted Posts Plugin. Users will be able to upload their own content to share it on your website. This is called user-generated content and your website will start to be populated with content that […]

How to create a vertical page scroll with WordPress and Elementor

In this tutorial you will learn how to build a vertical page scroll in WordPress for Desktop and Mobile, using Elementor, Elementor PRO and a third plugin called Dynamic Content for Elementor. We will create step by step a simple page scroll for a Greengrocer website, the design was made by me (Aryan Shirani) with […]

How to fix: Elementor not showing updates to visitors

In this tutorial I will show you how to solve the problem of Elementor not showing updates on the live website but only showing to admin. Most of the time is a Cache problem, so I will show you the many tips and tricks that you can use to solve Elementor bug. The CODE to […]

How to fix: Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance Error in WordPress

Sometimes when we update our plugins we can have a WordPress error called: Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance, in some cases you just need to wait a few minutes but sometimes it gets stuck. So to solve this you just need to remove the maintenance file from your website folder. ✨ Plugins:Elementor Free: PRO: […]

How to add Instagram feed in WordPress for free

In this tutorial you will see how to add an Instagram feed in a WordPress website. We will use a plugin called Spotlight. This is a FREE WordPress plugin for Instagram feed, and it will allow you to edit the design and order of your content in a seamless way. ✨ Plugins:Elementor Free: PRO: […]

How to Create a Cryptocurrency Website with WordPress and Elementor Full Tutorial

Create your own Cryptocurrency website, in this Elementor tutorial you will learn how to build your own website for crypto investors, we will be using some widgets and of course WordPress, Elementor and Elementor PRO to achieve this. A free and full tutorial, you will also make your site responsive and mobile-friendly. Start now to […]